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Bed Bug Control

Over the last years, bed bug infestations have spread across the American North-East. It’s a fact: bed bugs are here to stay.

Thankfully, so is S and M Pest Services LLC—the region’s leading bed bug removal company! We offer proven bed bug removal services for home and business-owners across Mid-East Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our eco-friendly approach to pest control, means that we don’t harm the environment while exterminating every last bed bug from your property.

At the first sign of a bed bug—whether you see one or you get bitten—call us straight away. There’s no time to lose. Call us at (401) 516-2549.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are small oval shaped insects that tend to build their nests in places that give them easy access to humans. That means beds, desks, couches, chairs, bookshelves, tables, and more. The first thing we’ll do is a thorough inspection of all at-risk areas.

For homeowners, we usually start with the mattress and examine the seams very, very closely. We look for tiny dark-colored droppings, exoskeletons (from molting), dead bed bugs, and of course, anything that moves. We then inspect the floor, walls, bed frame, and even your computer if it’s nearby. We’ll do the same for your couch, kitchen table, desk, and other areas that you spend long periods of time using. We follow the same procedures for commercial clients.

Bed bug bites are usually large pinkish-red welts that are very itchy. They often come in sets of two, three, or more—multiple bites are a sound sign that you have a bed bug problem. However, about 30% of people experience no itchiness, redness, or swelling. They don’t even know they’ve been bitten.

Don’t play guessing games. Call in the pros at S and M Pest Services LLC to do a full bed bug inspection of your residential or commercial property!

We’ll Kill Every Last Bed Bug

We know that total extermination is the only way to permanently remove bed bugs from your property. To do that, we use eco-friendly commercial grade treatments that can take out the whole colony. Our techniques are not only proven to work, they are safe for children and pets.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may require more than one treatment. Multiple treatments are a normal part of any insect extermination. Bed bugs are often removed in one to three visits.

Preparing for the Bed Bug Treatment

After we’ve inspected your property and confirmed that you do have bed bugs, we’ll give you instructions on how to prepare your home or business for the treatment. By following these instructions very closely, you’ll not only prevent the spread of bed bugs to other people, you’ll also make the treatment more effective.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to follow these instructions! If you have any questions about preparing for the bed bug treatment, call us to ask.

Call Us at the First Sign of Bed Bugs in Your Home or Business

We do both commercial and residential eco-friendly bed bug treatments. Our celebrated reputation has helped us become the number one choice in the region.

If you think you might have bed bugs, call us straight away—even if you’re still in denial!

We’re here to help.

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