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Mice Control

Do you have a mouse in your house? Do you have mice in your workplace? Don’t wait to see if they’ll go away. Hire S and M Pest Services LLC to do it properly—once and for all!

With over 10 years in the pest control industry, we’ve developed specialized techniques that set us apart from the competition. Our reputation for natural methods, eco-friendly techniques, and hundreds of satisfied customers, has helped us become Mid-East Massachusetts’ and Rhode Island’s number one choice for mice control.

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Every Mouse Removal Starts with an Inspection

When most people think of mice control, they think all you need to do is put down some mouse traps with a little bait. But that’s only a small step among many.

At S and M Pest Services LLC we could write books on the behavior and habits of rodents. We put all that knowledge into our work. During our inspection, we track down all the possible entry and exit points in your home. We figure out how they’re getting food, and which paths they’re taking to get it. And, once we’ve identified the routes they take, we create a plan of action.

The thing is, mice can just as easily crawl through a hole the size of a quarter, as they could casually waltz through the front door. We take every precaution to ensure that, not only do we remove the mice from your property, but we also make it impossible for them to settle down again.

Mouse Proof Your Property with Rodent Exclusion Repairs

We want to make it impossible for another mouse to settle in your house. That’s why we always take the time to make the necessary repairs to your home. Those repairs usually include things like filling cracks in the foundation, fixing broken moldings, and covering up holes. After all, an animal that can fit through a gap the size of a quarter, doesn’t need much to get in or out.

Our rodent proofing repairs make it impossible for mice to resettle in your home. This is a preventative pest control technique that is crucial to the success of our mouse control services. At S and M Pest Services LLC, we won’t just eliminate your mouse problem, we’ll do our best to make sure it never comes back.

We Stand Behind All Our Pest Control Services

Mice can be a real nuisance. Not only are they carriers of fleas, ticks, and diseases, but they can make a real mess of your pantry.

If you see a mouse or notice the signs of their presence, call us right away. Our team of pest control experts offer unparalleled customer service with years of experience. You’ll love their speedy and professional service. If you have any questions regarding mice control, don’t hesitate to ask. We believe that sharing information is the best way to prevent future infestations.

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We offer top-tier mouse control services for both commercial and residential properties. Be proactive and give us a call at the first sign of a problem.

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